Our Services

Dteams offers a rich set of services formed in a unique, configurable structure covering a wide range of business needs while offering adaptable cost structure 


Doing the best to deliver practical results...

In Dteams we believe in daring as the only way to achieve meaningful, lasting results. In our work we try the unconventional yet never ignore realistic constraints and the specific characteristics of the assisted venture. 


Management targeted one-on-one reviews,  interactive feedback and perspective, built to guide and reassure rather than assist with short-term issues.


In-depth analysis of business challenges, solutions and links to relevant processes and solutions, meant to assist in achieving short-term goals. 


A know-how transfer process designed to build competencies needed to achieve goals, using interactive presentations and online content


Dteams cooperates with carefully selected sub-contractors and can provide implementation of software-based Minimum Viable Products or required Digital Content.

Business Networks

Start-ups approaching product launch or businesses in growth phase can be assisted with matching links to Dteams extensive business networks. 

Marketing Plans

Development of a practical plan matching the needs of a specific business, taking advantage of the latest Digital techniques to maximise efficiency and achieve rapid results